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Awesomosity? Ingenuity? What makes a company remarkable?

What makes a business remarkable? What drives repeat business?

A recent purchase got me thinking about this again. The item I wanted wasn’t available in stores any longer, so the company had it shipped to me free of charge. I was completely blown away by the entire purchasing process. It was incredibly easy – and rightly so – what company wouldn’t want to make it as easy as possible to take your money? It arrived before the estimated date and the attention to detail in the presentation actually shocked me. They even followed up with a thank you email the day after I received it.

How does a company this large and storied maintain this level of quality and attention to detail? Often with growth these two characteristics fall to the wayside. Aside from a system of policies and procedures there must be something deeper at play here; something at the core of the company.

What is the cornerstone of great business operation? Is there just one? I threw the question out on Facebook and Twitter and got a mix of responses:

@PoshRestaurant – Ingenuity
@SedonaPies – Relationships
@ZackBarna – Honesty. Brutal if necessary.
@jamesarcher – Awesomosity


Stephanie Conner – Good, high-quality work/products
Katie Bitowf – Good ethics.

While different qualities resonate with different people – and timing, cost and type of product also come into play – most successful, sustainable companies have a strong set of values at their core. Perhaps it’s these core values that your customers know you will deliver on consistently that keeps them coming back.

In a recent Marketing Over Coffee podcast, author of “Start with Why,” Simon Sinek, spoke about “The Golden Circle” – why, what and how. According to Sinek, too many businesses focus solely on the what and how, but it’s the why that sets great companies apart. Why you do what you do in your company. People don’t by what you do, they buy why you do it. He said inspired companies, like Apple, focus on the why.

Think about your buying patterns? Why do you do business with a particular company? Then translate this to your customers. Do some mining and find out why your customers do business with you. Their responses may surprise you and may spark some new marketing ideas. At the very least, this exercise will show you care about your customer’s input.

Question of the week:
What makes you repeatedly do business with a company? If you own a business, what value do you offer customers that keeps them coming back?

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