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Doing More with Less: Traditional and New Media Collide

These days we’ve all been forced to do more with less, and the mass media is one industry where this trend is in full effect. This has, however, paved the way for finding new ways to operate more efficiently using the power of the social web.

What are you doing to make it easy for the media to find you?

When you think about the way in which you get your news, connect with your customers, or do research, how much of it takes place online and in social networks? Many of those in the news business are turning to the social web for the same purposes – to uncover new stories, conduct research, find sources and connect with their audience. With the changing newsroom and social media shaping how journalists find news and sources, it’s increasingly important for you or your brand to become searchable and make it as easy as possible to be found online.

Content-rich online newsrooms, blogs, social networking connections, and social and multi-media press releases are a few ways to get your information out there. It’s important to determine which best fits your company and the news you are releasing. A multi-media press release could be overkill in one instance, and incredibly useful in another.

Adam Kress of the Business Journal has embraced various forms of media – print, online, social networks and even radio to share his reports and cast a wider net. He also uses many online platforms to find information and sources, but says it varies based upon the news or the article he is writing.

“I’m looking at it as more of a sounding board – as an idea-generator as opposed to copying what may already be out there,” Kress said. “Depending on what you may be writing or reporting on, if it’s on a certain industry or certain topic, you can use Facebook and Twitter to try to connect with other people out there who may be involved in that industry.”

He said these networks enable him to reach out to potential sources he might not otherwise have access to without a major time investment. “It takes a very small amount of time to do, but it can pay off in that you may be connected with people very quickly.”

When it comes to online newsrooms, Kress said the more information the better. Fill your company site with useful and relevant news, press releases, and most importantly, contact information. For multi-media releases, however, tons of information could be overload if it’s not relevant.

“If you’re going to do those multi-media releases just make sure what you are putting in there is relevant,” he said.

Bottom line, do your homework. You have to know who you are pitching and how they like to receive information.

Hear the entire interview with Adam Kress below.


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