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Forced entrepreneurship

Is our society moving towards self employment?

I recently attended a entrepreneurism workshop led by Francine Hardaway an advisor, serial entrepreneur and social media guru. The session was very educational, but one issue she raised really stuck out in my mind. She pointed out that historically (prior to the Industrial Revolution) everyone worked for themselves. Granted it was primarily in the agriculture sector and poverty was a major concern, but they also didn’t have to face the sting of a layoff or the disappointment of unsuccessful job searches.

Hardaway believes we are headed into an era of self employment. While I don’t think corporate jobs will ever completely die away, I am a huge champion of entrepreneurism and I hope we do see an upswing in innovative new businesses. The 25-year-high unemployment rate may be an opportunity to pursue a passion and take control of your own career.

All of the companies I represent are small- to mid-sized businesses, and I have to say, these are my favorite groups to work with. The entrepreneurial spirit, drive and passion they share has fueled their success and continued growth at a time when many established businesses are crumbling. Some believe “forced entrepreneurism” could help turn the economy around because of the number of jobs they supply. In fact, in 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 3.8 million companies with less than 10 employees were responsible for employing 12.4 million people.

What have you been dreaming about doing for years, but kept putting off? Now is a good of time as any to go create. Here are some links to a few articles and sites that may provide some motivation and some helpful tools.

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