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How to Optimize Your Blog for Search

If you have any sort of web presence and particularly a blog, I’m sure you are aware how important optimizing your site and content is.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential, and there are a few rudimentary steps you should be integrating in your web pages. Of course any major undertakings are best left to the SEO professionals, and certainly if you are in the process of building a site seeking out the help of someone savvy in SEO will pay off.

In the meantime there are a few basics (emphasis on the word “basic”) you can integrate into site to help optimize your copywriting:

  • Select the best keywords – this is the most important first step. Take the time to research what your prospects are searching for online.
    • Remember small variations can make a world of difference – for instance if I’m using “public relations” throughout my site, but the majority is searching for “pr” – I’m missing the target.
    • Also keep in mind most searchers don’t use one-word searches. They are more than likely searching by multi-word phrases.
  • Next integrate these keywords into your blog post. Use caution not to sound too repetitive. You’ll want to include them in your headline, subheads, the body and any bulleted lists.
  • Use links throughout your post. If possible try to link to another relevant page on your site. Links to your pages are like votes in the eyes of search engines. Share the link love though…don’t always just link to your own site. And watch your link text – this tells search engines what the page you are linking to is about.
  • Use keywords in page titles and metatags – the page title is the text visible at the top of the Internet browser and it becomes the link shown in a list of search engine results. Metatags are typically not visible to site visitors, rather they are elements in the pages code that contain data and essentially provide information about the page.

Joshua Unseth of the JAR Group, an internet marketing company out of New York, also provided some useful tips (see below video) for getting your blog or site optimized, as well as what to ask SEO professionals if you are shopping around for one.

Bottom line, don’t let SEO overwhelm you. Do what you can, but if you have the budget for a professional considering seeking one out.

Question: If you recently started implementing SEO practices into your blog post writing, have you noticed a difference?


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