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Is Facebook Right for you? 3 Questions to Ask.

Is your company on Facebook? Now, more often than not the answer to that question is yes. In fact, it may seem your organization is living in the dark ages if it hasn’t claimed a piece of the Facebook real estate.

But Facebook may not be for everyone or every organization. Before starting a fan page, every company should ask themselves a few key questions:

1) Is your target audience on Facebook? Bottom line, you have to go where your target market is. If they are not on Facebook don’t waste your energy and resources there. Go where they are.

2) If they are on Facebook, ask if you can dedicate the time and resources to truly interact and engage them in two-way communication. If not, then you may want to reconsider creating a page. Unless you’re willing to turn the reigns over to a couple of loyal brand ambassadors like Coca-Cola did with their page. (Read the Mashable post.)

3) Finally, why would Facebook users want to fan your page? What are you going to offer them?

Once you’ve established Facebook is where your company needs to be, what do you do to get started?

Begin building your page being sure to go through the tabs thoroughly and filling in as much information as possible. Include links to your Web site, blog if you have one, and other social networks you are a part of. Think of it as an extension of your Web site (information wise), but as a blog (content wise). Fill it with photos – if appropriate – and tag people in them. Upload your logo or whatever image you want to represent your company in your profile picture.

Before you hit publish, develop a plan for engaging your audience. How are you going to interact with them? What voice will you use? Is going to be more personal or from a business approach? Who will respond to comments, questions and other posts?

How often will you post? Some companies that really have it down typically post a few times a day everyday. Either through questions or relevant information their fans can use. If you go too long in between posts, you will lose your fans attention – staying top of mind is key. BUT you also have to be relevant.

Going through this process will take a little more work, but it will build a good foundation and help ensure the success of your page.

If you have a Facebook page, what tips and tools did you use in the building it? Did you go in with a strategy? What has been the outcome?

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