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Impactful connections start with an engaging story.


It's Simple: Discover. Strategize. Connect.


… What makes your brand, and the people and stories behind it, amazing

… Where and who your audience is, what motivates them and how to reach them


… How to get your story out through our PR+Inbound approach

… How to amplify your other marketing and sales efforts using content and PR to make impactful connections


… Your brand with your audience, advocates and champions

… You with key media, influencers and stakeholders


During this eye-opening strategy session...

we’ll explore:

  • Your goals, vision and values
  • Your differentiators
  • Key personas (your impactful connections)
  • Competitive landscape
  • Market opportunity
  • Current messaging + marketing and sales assets
  • What’s working and what’s not
  • Existing influencer and media relationships
Impactful Connections
Action Plan

We conduct an audit of your company, the market, unrealized opportunities, and current assets to develop a strategy in the form of our Impactful Connections Action Plan.

The Impactful Connections Action Plan provides all stakeholders visibility into who we’ll target, why, when, where, and what tools we’ll use to do it. It also defines how we’ll track the ROI.

Hit the On Switch

We kick into drive, executing on the defined PR+Inbound strategies.

During this phase, you can expect:

• Monthly check-ins

• Weekly scorecard reporting to track ROI

• Traction and impact

• And don't be surprised if you start to hear, "I'm seeing you everywhere!"

90-Day Review

At this point, we’ll organize an all-hands meeting to assess the strength of the Impactful Connections strategy.

This important feedback loop allows us to identify if needs or goals have shifted, what’s working and what’s not, and opportunities to pivot, if needed.


Messaging & Story Alignment

Brand Journalism & Content Marketing

Persona Development

Content Circuit & Conversion Strategy

Media Outreach & Thought Leadership

CRM Integration & Optimization

Marketing & Sales Alignment

PR+Inbound Strategy

Discover how PR+Inbound can support your business growth goals?

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