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#MondayMotivation: Our Favorite Playlists and Productivity Apps

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Just like the right songs can energize you through a 5k, some Mondays call for an inspiring playlist to get you into the groove for the week. Today, our team shares our go-to playlists as well as the productivity apps that keep us focused and on point all week long.  


Morgan O’Crotty

[Playlist] Because I do a lot of writing, I lean more toward music without lyrics so I can get into the zone and stay there without being distracted. Both Calm Classics and Coffee Table Jazz are good for subtle background noise, and Beats to Think To mixes techno and house for a faster-paced focus. It’s amazing how well these work! 

[Productivity App] Hands down, Teamwork has been a game-changer for managing my task list and tracking progress on my goals, but I have to say the Calm app is my favorite. I’ve found that if I’m feeling distracted or having a hard time ramping up on something, it’s most likely because I need to slow down, take a breath, let my mind settle with a five or 10 minute meditation, and then get back to business. 


Sarah Gray

[Playlist] Like Morgan, I tend to listen to music without lyrics while I’m working. I’ll often kick off the day with “Productive Morning” for some good background noise or “Your Favorite Coffeehouse”for some quiet acoustic music.  If I want some energy I’ll switch it up to “This is Jack White” or “90’s Pop Rock Essentials” — it’s all over the place, I know.

[Productivity App] I live for Airtable. It’s like if a spreadsheet married a database (but it’s so much cooler than that, I swear!) If you’re an organization, color-coding, project management nerd like me you’ll love it!


Bre Krager

[Playlist] Lately I’ve been all over the Feelin’ Good playlist. I’m a bit of an old soul –– and an eclectic –– when it comes to my music tastes. This playlist is a gold mine of old and new Motown/Soul hits. Other playlists in my heavy rotation include Classic Rock, Guilty Pleasures, and This Is Lizzo. Equal parts hype woman and therapist, Lizzo’s beats go down best after your Friday morning double (or quadruple) espresso. 

[Productivity App] Teamwork. It’s our lifeline here at Wired as far as task management and time tracking go. I’m in and out it multiple times a day to ensure I’m meeting my deadlines, as is the rest of our team. 


Beth Cochran

 [Playlist] I don’t really have a go-to playlist. I tend to listen to podcasts and audiobooks when I’m on the go. I also have yet to get on the Spotify train…I’m still using Pandora. Some of my stations there include, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, Norah Jones, Michael Buble and Ella Fitzgerald. Quite the range.

[Productivity App] As for productivity apps, I’m currently digging the Momentum Chrome plugin and the Teamwork Chrome extension. But my all-time-favorite remains good ol’ pen and paper…I’m a list maker. I’ll generally make my top three priorities, hustle to get them done then go for the next three. It’s immensely gratifying to cross them off!