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How To Start Digital Marketing On The Right Foot

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Digital marketing ––it’s become an imperative part of the marketing mix for most brands. But for those just getting started in it, it can seem like a vast, unknown world. While the barrier to entry is relatively low, it can be easy for the unknowing marketer to spend a lot of money and have nothing to show for it.

In this episode, Adrian Vender, director of analytics at IMI, shares some of the all-too-common mistakes in digital marketing to avoid and how to get started, particularly if you are operating on a budget.

Speed round:

Coffee drinker, yes or no? Absolutely.
One business tool you’re geeking out over right now? This is very specific to data nerds like me, but I continue to geek out over Tableau.
Favorite piece of technology? Chromecast.
What’s one book you’d pass along to a fellow entrepreneur? This might sound cliché, but definitely “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell.
One person you’d like to have dinner with? I would love to have dinner with Barack Obama.

Post originally appeared on on January 19, 2017.

Music in this episode: “They Just Don’t Know” by Gyft.

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