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Unlocking the power of Facebook

How is your brand using Facebook? While some companies are just figuring out how to navigate the space, some have learned how to tap into it and utilize it as a powerful communications tool. Regardless of where you stand, and your level of knowledge, don’t be afraid to jump in and start using it.

Last month Facebook made it even more vital for companies to be in this space via Pages. The companies leveraging it to its fullest have seen major traffic spikes on their pages. Facebook may not be for every company though. By that I mean, those that are only interested in using it as a one-way form of communication or an information push, and those that don’t make the time to get involved in the discussion on their pages. That said, I do believe almost any organization can and should benefit from it – with creativity, open-mindedness and embracing the idea of two-way communication.
The Advance Guard produced a 25-page white paper, and recently updated it. It’s a living, breathing document, so continually check back for updates. This is an amazing tool for getting started. 


  • Community – build a community around your brand. Your updates will be aggregated in your fan’s newsfeeds. This gives you the opportunity to capture friends of your fans who will see their newsfeeds.
  • Engage – utilize tabs to post updates, news and press releases; build buzz around events; post photos of fans (and tag them in the photos); upload videos; and start discussions (but be prepared to contribute).
  • Google Juice – every post, photo, video, discussion, etc. increases rankings on Google searches and other search engines. Keep your content fresh and relevant, and be sure to link back to your Web site and other social networks you are a part of.

Check out The Advance Guard’s whitepaper and research the brands that are using Facebook and using effectively. See what you like, what you don’t like. Be creative and be open. Just plugin.

A shameless plug for a few Wired PR clients who have Facebook pages: Urban Oven, Skintinu, Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet, BRIDGES Camp and, of course, Wired PR has one (feel free to become a fan of all of these).

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