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The New Face of the Celebrity and CEO

How do you build mutually beneficial relationships in social media? Be real, transparent, genuine and engage in the discussion. Social media is about the two-way street of communication. This goes for high profile celebrities, busy CEOs and time-strapped business owners.

With many avenues of social media going mainstream, many have jumped on board just to have a presence. They are there only to push their own information, compete in gaining tons of followers, and sell their product or service. Some use ghost bloggers and auto responders, completely missing the benefits and essence of social media. This powerful medium provides an opportunity to get real feedback direct from the source – your audience.

At the Blogworld New Media Expo, a celebrity panel including, Anthony Edwards, Jermaine Dupri, Matt Goss and Robin Antin, had a candid discussion about social media and how they use it. Each are prime examples of how individuals and organizations can tap into the social media world and use it effectively.

Another example is the General Motors Marketing Executive, Bob Lutz. David Meerman Scott posted a blog on how Lutz effectively communicates across several avenues.

Check out how these celebrities and executives are utilizing social media, or research other companies with a large online presence, and figure out what works best for your brand. Just remember to be genuine.

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