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A Bit of Gratitude this Thanksgiving

Earlier this year, we outlined a set of core values that have become…well…the very core of our company. These values rule our day ––guiding our decisions small and large. Reflecting upon those, we’re so grateful to get to work with some of the most amazing, dynamic business leaders who align with these core values. These are people who:

  • Have heart
  • Anticipate the need
  • Are challengers
  • Routinely act with confidence, courage and constancy

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’re sending a bit of gratitude to all our clients and partners. You inspire us with your integrity, innovative thinking and relentless hustle ––and we continue to learn from you every day.

Tallwave, WebPT, Yeager Marketing, Allbound, G/O Digital, Greg Head, Celebration of Fine Art, LeadMD, Invest Southwest, Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals –– each one of you is fearless, continually challenging the status quo. And as a result, communities, industries and economies have benefitted.

Now, before we turn our focus to feasting (we’re looking at you, pecan pie), a few thoughts on gratitude from our team:

“There are certain days I feel like I have to pinch myself…I’m so blown away by the people we get to work with day in and day out, especially our small but mighty team. Morgan, Kristin, Deb, Heather (and Piper!), thank you for your infectious energy, brilliant minds, and deeply caring, but fiercely intrepid spirits. I’m grateful to get to work with such a high-caliber group of women. I’m also grateful for the entrepreneurial communities I’ve  gotten to become a part of over the years –– Co+Hoots, SuccessLab, Seed Spot, and Entrepreneurs’ Organization. I’ve learned so much and continue to be inspired by the people who make these organizations what they are.” – Beth

“I’m grateful for a household full of love and respect, a group of coworkers that I actually want to work with everyday and clients that challenge us to be the best we can be to get them the results they deserve.” – Kristin

“I’m thankful to be married to my best friend, my health and the ability to be active everyday, and my freedom to be a badass woman.” – Heather

“I am grateful for my sassy, silly, beautiful and loving daughter who always makes me proud, for all the amazing people in my life who inspire me, support me, and help make this world a better place every day… and coffee, I’m grateful for coffee. We broke up for about a week but soon realized we were meant to be together, forever.” – Deb

“I’m grateful for my husband – I love him but I also really, really like him. I’m grateful for our good health, our friends who live near and far (shoutout to WhatsApp), my brilliant coworkers and lastly, my Goldendoodle Lou.” – Morgan  

“Treats top the list, but I’m also thankful for coworkers who lovingly accept all 45 pounds of me onto their laps.” – Piper, the Chief of Humor Relations

Who or what are you thankful for?

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