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Top 10 Lessons Learned Over the Past 6 Years

This month Wired PR turned 6-years-old! The time has flown by and the journey has been incredible. We’ve been so fortunate to work with some amazing and talented clients. We’ve watched them grow over the years, which has been the most rewarding part of this.

Thank you to our early clients who believed in us enough to give us a chance, the ones who have been with us nearly this entire journey, and our current clients. Without you, Wired PR wouldn’t be what it is today. From Heckler Design, to Rhonda Allison, the Celebration of Fine Art, TheraSpecs, Villa La Paws, POSH Restaurant, Digital MGMT, and Winmate, you’ve helped make every day an adventure, and we’re so proud to be working with you.

Top 10 things we’ve learned along the way:

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Often easier said than done, but looking back no issue was ever as big as it initially seemed.
  2. Trust your gut, it’s usually right. For new entrepreneurs this one can be tough, but don’t second guess yourself.
  3. Be selective. When you’re first starting anything, whether a new business or a new PR campaign, your instinct is to say yes to any opportunity that comes your way (even if you’re gut is telling you it doesn’t feel right). Focus on the projects that make you feel good and you are passionate about.
  4. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Learn how your customers communicate, and adopt it. Yes it takes more time to tailor the way you communicate with each customer, but it’s more effective (and ends up saving time in the long run) than trying to force your way of communicating on them.
  5. Find a way around (or through). If you believe in something enough, don’t let a setback stop you. Get creative. Think of a way around the barrier or just charge straight through it.
  6. Build relationships. Get to know your customers. Learn about their families, hobbies, when their birthdays are, etc. This helps build deeper relationships and trust.
  7. Document everything. Documenting your processes and procedures allows you to see what’s working and what’s not, and either replicate the process in the future or figure out what needs to be changed.
  8. Collaborate. Don’t try to take everything on yourself. Remember what it is you’re best at and outsource the rest. In the end, this saves time and usually money, and allows you to focus on your craft.
  9. Build relationships. Did I mention this already? Beyond building deep relationships with customers get out and network, but in a way that feels authentic to you. Don’t like attending networking mixers? Maybe conferences are more your style or create a monthly meetup. Just find a way to stay connected, but be true to you.
  10. Just make a decision. This one actually comes from the great Seth Godin. “Make a decision. It doesn’t have to be a wise decision or a perfect one. Just make one.” It’s been a great daily reminder. Many business owners can get caught up in waffling over a decision, but sometimes a non-decision can actually be more detrimental to the company.

There is one more very important one we have to mention (though it puts us at 11).┬áDream big and never stop. Most entrepreneurs start out this way, but it’s easy let setbacks stunt dreaming big. When that happens, refocus, remember why you started the business and challenge yourself to introduce something new into it.

Finally, thank you to the professionals who have contributed their expertise and creativity to Wired PR and our clients. Kristin Hege, Kendra Riley, Paige Owen, RMA, Brent Spore, Vince Baarson, and many other co+workers at CO+HOOTS!

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